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OTTER MANAGEMENT AND FISHERY PROTECTIONOtters can be a problem for fishing ponds, catching and consuming large quantities of fish.  An otter proof fence will provide the protection needed for the ponds.  It is an effective method of managing the otters. Otters are agile and can climb, dig and squeeze through narrow gaps, so to fence against otters, a correctly designed fence using specially manufactured net is essential.

FISHERY PROTECTIONThe fence is erected using the specially designed net with the net dug into the ground or turned out and fastened down towards the otters.  The top part of the net is angled out towards the otters to prevent them climbing over the net.

We supply and erect Otter Fencing aimed at managing otters in their natural habitats. Made from Hi-Tensile wire, it provides a long-lasting and effective barrier ensuring fish stocks are protected.   The fence encircles the whole of the pond or ponds and gates are also proofed.

The same type of fencing can be used for otter protection in situations where they may become endangered.

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